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NTPlastics is a plastic Industry founded in the early 70s by the family Nikolakopoulou. THEexpertiseand theexperienceof the company's human resources in the manufacture of molds for the production of industrial and non-industrial plastics, places it on the podium ofleading companies of the manufacturing sector. 


The company beyondindustrial plastics of products it produces and supplies to the market since 1970, also produces the most complete range at European levelsplastic packaging forcosmetics andpharmaceutical products, packages which are distinguished byhigh quality standards but alsoaesthetics, capable of meeting every market need.


The appearance of the company to the general public began at the end of the 90s, where it dynamically penetrated the field ofderivationandtrading,of plastic food packaging. The fastest growing rates in food packaging for its industryconfectionerythey have placed her at the top among others.

NTPlastics wanting to expand further  its production and commercial activity created a comprehensive seriesplastic, unbreakable multi-purpose glasses, as well as a corresponding seriesdisposable plastic cups, with which he has penetrated the HO.RE.CA industry very dynamically.


The continuous upward trend of NTPlastics is due toperfect collaborations and relationships it has with its suppliers and customers inside and outside the Greek borders, as well as in the continuous investment, both in its technological infrastructure, and in the continuous training and development of its personnel. Theexcellent working environment provided by the company, is reflected in theexcellent quality of all the products it produces, always with theISO 9001:2008 certification.

 The vision of NTPlastics is to continuously meet the new challenges and demands of consumers by providing them original, innovative and as always high quality plastic products and all this always with special care and respect for the environment.


Today, NTPlastics is a point of reference in the field of plastic packaging, in all the sectors in which it operates, and this is evidenced by both its partners and the end consumers of its products, inside and outside the Greek borders, as the company exports the entire range of of its products in many European countries. The company's goal is to expand its commercial transactions beyond Europe.

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